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Big Brothers Big Sisters provides a variety of ways to connect Bigs and Littles in ways meaningful to each.

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We take care to create a match between Bigs and Littles that work for each set of needs, circumstances, and interests.   We offer a wide variety of programs that pair children, ages 5 through 14, with role models in one-to-one relationships.  Our programs ensure that our children and mentors are provided with resources and tools that address their age and situation-specific needs.


 Traditional mentoring provides support for individual one-one-one mentoring relationships.

TRADITIONAL COMMUNITY BASED:  Allows the Big and Little to meet at their convenience, typically on weekends or after school.  This continues to be our largest group of mentoring relationships.

TRADITIONAL SCHOOL BASED:  Where Bigs have limited flexibility, or Littles specifically desire school help, this structure requires Bigs and Littles to meet at school during the lunch hour.

Specialty mentoring programs are usually business-sponsored programs linking mentors or mentees from a specific organization.  While still linking one-on-one relationships, they have specific curriculum.

HIGH SCHOOL BIGS:  High Schools in Charlotte are linked directly with Elementary Schools in Charlotte to provide high school student mentors with elementary aged children.


Middle School Mentoring - BEYOND SCHOOL WALLS PROGRAM:  Individual corporates are matched with specific middle schools, hosting the students once per month at lunch time at the business offices.  

MHigh School Mentoring- MENTOR 2.0 PROGRAM:  Hosted at specific High Schools, this program matches individual mentors and students through a structured after-school and on-line based environment.

Supporting individual groups needs  is often important, in particular with several ethnic and demographic populations that tend to be overrepresented in terms of poverty-related challenges.  In addition to mentoring program support, there are a few additional resources available.

African-American males   

The Hispanic community   

For more information about all of our programs, contact our Customer Relations Specialist, or 704.910.1301.






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